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Toyota Splash Guards

Toyota Splash Guards

Embark on any journey with the assurance of Ark Splash Guards, the American-made shield for your Toyota. Our range is crafted to complement the Toyota family...from the rugged trails for your 4Runner, the luxurious journeys in your Land Cruiser, the demanding workloads for your Tundra, the family expeditions in your Sequoia, the daily resilience required of your Tacoma, the adventurous paths with your FJ Cruiser, or the sophisticated versatility needed for your Land Cruiser Prado — we've got you covered.

Ark Splash Guards are protectors crafted to protect the engine bay and undercarriage of your Toyota from mud, rocks, water, and all forms of road debris. Designed to seamlessly fit both stock and lifted suspensions, our splash guards provide complete, effective, and quality coverage for your vehicle's vital components.

We understand the diversity of the Toyota community. That's why Ark Splash Guards are designed with versatility in mind, offering protection for stock rides and elevated compatibility for lifted models. Our guards provide complete and effective coverage, safeguarding your vehicle's critical components without compromising on quality.

The robust construction of Ark Splash Guards, featuring a heavy-duty synthetic rubber blend, guarantees superior thickness and resilience. This durability helps protect your undercarriage across all climates and terrains, helping you maintain the integrity and value of your Toyota.

Seamlessly integrating with your vehicle's aesthetics, bridging the gap between the fenders and tires for a sleeker appearance, but also helping reduce maintenance.

With easy-to-follow installation instructions and custom options for various lift heights, Ark Splash Guards are tailored for a perfect fit. This makes them a straightforward and invaluable addition to both OEM and modified Toyotas.

And for those desiring a custom flare, our graphics service invites you to express your unique style, making your Toyota unmistakably yours.

Ark Splash Guards unite the Toyota lineup with a single promise: superior protection and coverage without compromise. Whether you're an off-road adventurer, a luxury connoisseur, a hard-working pioneer, or a family voyager, your search for Splash Guards ends here.

Ark Splash Guards, where protection meets style.