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Ford Raptor Splash Guards

Ford Raptor Splash Guards

Recognizing the unique characteristics of each Raptor model, Ark Splash Guards offers custom options for various lift heights and modifications. This ensures that whether your Raptor is an OEM or suspension, our splash guards will fit perfectly, maintaining the integrity and style unique to each model. Our Made in America products stand as a testament to quality and innovation, crafted specifically to meet the diverse needs of Raptor owners across generations.

    Unmatched Protection Across Generations
  • Encompassing the robust 2010-2014 model and the technologically advanced 2017-2020 model, represents a journey from traditional power to modern performance. Each set of Ark Splash Guards is crafted to enhance the Raptor's appearance, providing a cleaner, more professional look by covering gaps between the fenders and tires. This enhancement is crucial for both generations, as it not only improves the truck's aesthetic appeal but also its overall functionality. Whether your Raptor is a first-generation powerhouse or a second-generation technological marvel, Ark Splash Guards add a finishing touch that complements its inherent strengths.

Ease of Installation and Unwavering Confidence

Ark Splash Guards are designed with the vehicle owner in mind, ensuring ease of installation with clear, straightforward instructions. This hassle-free approach guarantees that enhancing your Raptor, regardless of its generation, is a seamless experience. Our confidence in our products is solidified by our 1-year, no-questions-asked refund policy. This bold guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering American-made quality and customer satisfaction, underscoring the high standards and confidence we uphold for every product.

For both the 2010-2014 and 2017-2020 Ford Raptor owners, Ark Splash Guards are not just a choice, but a standard for protection, style, and craftsmanship. As the market leader, we understand that our customers seek reliability and innovation in equal measure. Our splash guards are developed to meet these expectations, providing a solution that enhances the Raptor's natural strengths while offering new dimensions in vehicle protection and aesthetics. With Ark Splash Guards, every Raptor journey becomes a testament to durability, style, and unmatched American craftsmanship.