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2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma

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2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards
2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards
2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards
2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards

2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards

SKU: 83844
  • Tacoma 3rd Gen - Stock or Suspension Lift
  • Tacoma 3rd Gen - 1 inch Body Lift
  • Tacoma 3rd Gen - 2 inch Body Lift
  • Tacoma 3rd Gen - 3 inch Body Lift

For the 3rd Generation 2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma, Ark Splash Guards are a crucial upgrade, aligning perfectly with the truck's modern and rugged character. These guards are designed to withstand the rigors of both off-road adventures and urban driving, offering unmatched resilience and coverage.

  • Whether navigating rough terrains or cruising city streets, Ark Splash Guards protect against debris, ensuring your Tacoma remains in top condition. They provide a cleaner, more professional look by sealing up the gaps between the fenders and tires that exposes the engine bay behind the suspension. Every set of Ark Splash Guards is precisely crafted for the specific contours of the 2016 and newer Toyota Tacoma, ensuring a perfect fit for both the four-cylinder and V6 engine models, and accommodating both cab sizes and bed lengths. This attention to detail ensures that regardless of your Tacoma's configuration, be it the TRD Pro or the Nightshade Special Edition, Ark Splash Guards will integrate seamlessly.

Easy Installation and Confidence in American Craftsmanship

Ease of installation is a key aspect of Ark Splash Guards design philosophy. We provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions, making the installation process accessible for all Tacoma owners.

Our confidence in the durability and effectiveness of our products is reflected in our exceptional 1 year no-questions-asked refund policy. This bold guarantee underscores our commitment to delivering American-made quality and to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ark Splash Guards — new level of style and resilience

2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma Splash Guards FAQ

Yes, Ark Splash Guards will fit stock vehicles, vehicles with leveling kits, and suspension lifts of all sizes.

Yes, they will nest in behind the external reservoirs with no issue.