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Toyota 4Runner Splash Guards

Explore the evolution of protection with Ark Splash Guards, meticulously designed for each generation of the Toyota 4Runner. Our collection spans from the classic 1996-2002 model to the modern 2010 and newer versions, embodying the spirit of adventure and technological advancement that 4Runner enthusiasts cherish.

Innovative Protection Across Generations

At Ark Splash Guards, we understand that each 4Runner generation has its unique appeal and requirements. That's why we've crafted guards that not only protect but also enhance the vehicle's appearance, providing a cleaner and more professional look that aligns with the 4Runner's evolution.

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner (Third Generation)

Ark Splash Guards for the third-gen 4Runner enhance this midsize SUV's nimble off-road capability. Our guards are tailored to match its classic design, ensuring that those who value the blend of rugged aesthetics and comfort are fully equipped for any adventure.

2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner (Fourth Generation)

As the 4Runner evolved into a more rugged and durable vehicle in its fourth generation, Ark Splash Guards adapted to meet these new challenges. Designed to complement the Trail Edition's advanced off-road features like A-TRAC and KDSS, our guards offer enhanced protection for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who push their 4Runners to the limit.

2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner (Fifth Generation)

The latest generation of the 4Runner combines traditional toughness with modern features. Ark Splash Guards seamlessly integrate with this blend, offering protection that respects the advanced Entune Infotainment System and powerful V6 engine, while maintaining the vehicle's off-road readiness and comfort.

Enhancing the KDSS (2010+ 4Runners)

With the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System enhancing your 4Runner's off-road capability, our splash guards add a layer of assurance. They are engineered to move harmoniously with your SUV's increased wheel articulation and travel, guarding critical KDSS components against debris that can hinder your adventurous pursuits.

Tailored for Every Adventure

Whether your 4Runner is tackling city streets or traversing rugged trails, our splash guards are engineered to withstand the challenges. Made in America, they represent our commitment to quality, durability, and style. With easy installation and a 1-year, no-questions-asked refund policy, we ensure that every 4Runner owner can experience the confidence and satisfaction that comes with using Ark Splash Guards.

Choose Ark Splash Guards for your Toyota 4Runner, no matter the generation, and join a legacy of protection and innovation. With Ark, your 4Runner is not just equipped for the journey; it's prepared to make a statement.